Supplementary Materials

The Language of God is a book on interpretation by David Crabtree, Jack Crabtree, and Ron Julian. Here you will find answers to the study questions at the end of each chapter and extra essays that did not make it into the printed book.

Further Reading

Understanding the Bible: Is it Possible? An early essay by Jack that reinforces and supplements some points made in The Language of God.

Commonsense Interpretation: Taking the Bible Seriously. The original, longer version of Jack's conclusion to The Language of God.

Answers to Study Questions

David, Jack, and Ron give their own answers to the study questions at the end of each chapter. Answers to Chapter 5 are not available.

Chapter One: Can We Understand the Bible?

Chapter Two: The Goal of Interpretation

Chapter Three: Language Conventions

Chapter Four: Context and Coherence

Chapter Five: Background Information

Chapter Six: Building a Biblical Worldview

Chapter Seven: Applying God's Worldview

Chapter Eight: A Single Level of Meaning