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Resources discussing the practice and philosophy of education.


Audio Series

Audio series with talks related to Education.

  • If you use iTunes to manage your audio/video files, you can download many of these files at our iTunes U site.
  • Many of the MSC audio files below were first recorded at Reformation Fellowship, where some of the MSC staff teach.

  • Mastery Not Factory: How We Learn What Matters. Modern education increasingly resembles a factory-line. Students are shipped in and shaped to populate the market with products and buyers. Gutenberg believes a good education does more than prepare a student for the market: A good education molds our desires toward goodness and provides the skill to pursue goodness. In February 2014, Gutenberg hosted a conference on education. Speakers included Gutenberg tutors Chris Swanson and Tim McIntosh as well as Andrew Kern, founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, and Brandon Vance, two-time U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion. (Also on iTunes)
  • What We Have Learned (Summer Institute 2014). Gutenberg College celebrated its 20th year at Summer Institute 2014. During this time of celebration and reflection, tutors who began the journey with Gutenberg when its doors opened in 1994--David Crabtree, Jack Crabtree, Charley Dewberry, Ron Julian, and Chris Swanson--shared some of what they learned along the way. (Also on iTunes)

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