McKenzie Study Center Mission & Role

Mission Statement

The purpose of McKenzie Study Center (MSC), an auxiliary institute of Gutenberg College, is to promote strict conformity to what the Bible teaches, strict adherence to a theological method that can and does discover the bona fide teaching of the Bible, and uncompromised commitment to biblical Christianity as a philosophy of life.

Role at Gutenberg College

The role of McKenzie Study Center in the life of the institution is to identify and nurture a network of people sympathetic with the methodological and philosophical commitments that underlie Gutenberg College as an educational institution in order that these sympathizers might support Gutenberg College and/or avail themselves of its educational opportunities. McKenzie Study Center seeks to do this by promoting to as large an audience as is practical that understanding of the biblical faith currently held by its staff—an understanding rooted in an attitudinal and methodological commitment to rational Biblicism.

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