McKenzie Study Center Goals

At the heart of MSC’s ministry are three fundamental goals:

(1) To help Christians learn to study the Bible.
We believe that reading the Bible is in many ways like reading any other challenging book; it requires skill and patience. MSC seeks to help students of the Bible learn how to read carefully, with due consideration to context, grammar, background, and so on.

(2) To study and explain the biblical gospel.
We believe that every generation must re-examine the Scriptures to wrestle with the gospel for themselves. MSC is working to understand these and other issues at the heart of Christianity: the sovereign grace of God, the problem of sin, the nature of faith, the seduction of legalism, and the content of the Christian hope.

(3) To explore and promote a Christian worldview.
We believe that Christianity is true and that it therefore has implications for every aspect of life. MSC’s goal is to help people from various walks of life discover those implications for themselves.

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